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>lame – blogger stopped allowing ftp publishing so I was trying to find a way around it – not too much luck so far, looking into an alternate way. I’m sad I haven’t been able to publish anything lately, and … Full story

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Working Out Web Kinks

This is a new post to sit at the top of the page – wasn’t sure if I got this working again or not – in any case I’m going to try and parooze my facebook status to find some … Full story

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>Computer and General Stuff

>I know I’m going to regret trying to type something out on this laptop. I always hit the touchpad and sometimes even jump up and delete entire paragraphs if I’m not paying attention. In any case I’m writing this on … Full story

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Scott Tower, Holyoke MA

We found this today – Scott Tower in Holyoke.We walked up the street through the park we normally go to and went up the road we normally don’t. We didn’t even know it was there, and yet it was such … Full story

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Bruised, Salty, and Watery

Got another one I did over my birthday:Bruised, Salty, and Watery. Remix of a remix with an ode to the original – Chicane – Salt Water.

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>Blogger go byebye

>I got an email the other day that blogger would no longer support FTP. That messes up my whole deal, anyone I ever set up. Myself, my business. my sister, all impacted and I either need to get some great … Full story

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