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Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Review

I guess I should add something here about close quarters as well I’ll have some screenshots and videos with descriptions and general information about the new packs Had to at least get a place holder up… Ok so it’s been … Full story

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>Crysis 2 Review (PC)

>I got my hands on Crysis 2 for PC yesterday. I was very excited having seen it and played it on multiple machines at PAX East several weekends ago. It came on one disk, which was good in regards to … Full story

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>GTA Screenshots – Vista vs Win7 Performance Increase

>Here are some pics of GTA before and after. Both are playable at 40 to 45fps. Vista is overclocked video chip / mem ~ 745mhz / 1265mhzWin7 is stock video chip / mem ~ 705mhz / 1215mhz Vista .5———————–Vista 1Win7 … Full story

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>Windows 7 Initial Performance Review

>6 installations later I have a working copy of Windows 7 with valid RAID, SATA, Chipset, Video, and Sound drivers. I was very careful this time, doing only one thing at a time and restarting after a change to confirm. … Full story

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