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>It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – Full Episodes

>I love Hulu, and now they’ve got my favorite show: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – watch the full episodes. If you can get the beginning of the season the final episode will be a lot funnier 🙂

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>Photoshop & Video (Back to You – and ALF!)

>I submitted a photoshop to’day. It’s only using paint… so I guess it’s a paint-shop. In any case check out the submission. I’ve also got the original. Only 3 more days to watch “Back to You” on Hulu! I found … Full story

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>Video: Ferguson From "Clarissa Explains It All"

>I got Clarissa Explains It All S1D1 in the main today from Netflix and we were wondering what happened to Jason Zimbler… after finding nothing I discovered the following cameo in a recent music video: Video: The XYZ Affair – … Full story

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>For those with an ATI HDTV Wonder and an NVIDIA video card…

>I just spent this afternoon getting my old PC up and running with XP after 1 of my drives in the Raid 0 array went kablooi. I want a PVR PC, and it’s been a long time coming. I had … Full story

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>Always Sunny In Philadelphia

>I love this show… season 3 premiers tomorrow night, so set your DVRs to FX =) Watch a “My Space Exclusive” Episode of Always Sunny In Philadelphia(now with myspace goodness removed): [ Part 1 ][ Part 2 ][ Part 3 … Full story

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>Best TV for Gaming

>I saw this article about the best HDTVs for gaming on MSN. It caught my eye and it started out with just what I wanted to know: response time and refresh rate averages.Apparently Plasma is 4ms, LCD is 8ms, and … Full story

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>A New Kind of "Buddy Comedy"

>Baxter and McGuire – a new kind of buddy comedy.

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>Studio 60 "The Disaster Show"

>I was going to do a whole write up and comment about the 1st of the last 5 Studio 60 episodes. It is a rerun next week so I was fully expecting this to be the last one. I thought … Full story

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>Eddie Izzard is acting… he’s got facial hair, and is dressed like a man.Watch the whole first episode of “The Riches”

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