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I b fallen in Super Cloudbuilt.  It makes me anxious and it’s overstimulating on top of being cell-shaded which I have disliked since the days of JetSetRadio.   This one in particular has a lot of thought put into it and … Full story

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Logic: Power Series vs Pro Series

When I’m stressed, I hit the nicotine. I’ve never been a smoker since my lungs can’t stand it. I’ve also used snus on occation but the potential mouth/tooth rot potential for it scares me. I won’t say vaporizing is harmless, … Full story

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Mirror: Help Anonymous Wipe Daesh (ISIS) From The Web – Instructions

Instructions for finding ISIS-related websites 1. Get Python at unless you already have it (Mac does) 2. Open Terminal (or Command Prompt for Windows) and type (without quotes) “python” 3. Now, this step requires a little explanation. Let’s set … Full story

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Benchmarking Rumble! The 780ti 3G vs the 980ti 6G — both EVGA Classifies, who will win???

Ok, so we know who will win card on card, but what about in SLI? The extra memory is going to make scaling possible, rendering at much higher resolutions (4k? 5k?) and then scaling down for the display resolution of … Full story

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Windows has always allowed to you to customize different alert sounds from the Control Panel, but it remove your ability to customize a few of them in Windows 8—particularly the sounds for logon, logoff, and shutdown. Here’s how to change … Full story

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Alan Touring

It’s cheesy that it was the movie that got me wanting to learn more, but I finally got the book from the library and have been dredging through it up until today when I finally got to page 100 where … Full story

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Kids react to power glove To be embedded.

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Cyberlink MediaEspresso v7 is a CROCK!

JUNK! First I was unable to convert to h265 and then it can’t read my FRAPs recorded videos?!! For FSM sake, even Microsoft Movie Maker can read them.  So lame.  They call it “next gen” and “easy to use tool” Media Espresso … Full story

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Emulation Nation

I spent much of today scouring the internet (it wasn’t that hard) for ROMs.  I have NES and SNES on lockdown, I believe I have 99% of the NES and maybe 85% of the SNES.  Choice Genesys, 32X and during … Full story

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>An Open Letter to EA About PC Games

>Stub for letter to ea games. [there are the points – I shall flush out the letter henceforth to forthwith, vis a vie.] So I was very excited for two new recent game releases for PC. Both happened to be … Full story

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>Windows 7 Initial Performance Review

>6 installations later I have a working copy of Windows 7 with valid RAID, SATA, Chipset, Video, and Sound drivers. I was very careful this time, doing only one thing at a time and restarting after a change to confirm. … Full story

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>Baby Got (Music) Back

>Oh… so nice. I just re-downloaded much of the old music I had purchased off iTunes. iTunes finally went full DRM free – 256k, not the best but almost. 320k is the most you can get normally and most pop … Full story

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>iTunes Goes That Extra Step

>iTunes has added a new feature: Your guests with an iPhone (and the remote app) can request songs to the now playing list.

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>The Novint Falcon – Gaming Nirvana

>more to follow, teaser:

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>My Essay on Automotive Technology

>If you were talking about a “car” 3 years ago, you might have had referred to the resurgence of the muscle car, with larger, more powerful engines with hardly a mention of fuel economy. After the fuel crisis of the … Full story

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>Back to School

>I start school on Monday – already hopped online to get a peek at the workload. I stuck with 1 major class and 1 short class this semester to start out. I would like to have an idea of the … Full story

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>The time has come! You too can shop for groceries online in Springfield MA!

>Peapod has taken forever to come to the area… it sucks because I would love to order my groceries online and then have them delivered. The next best thing to that is ordering online and picking them up. Well the … Full story

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>HD Caser

>I’ve got a new project – an external HD case. I had 6 hard drives in my tower and really needed the power of my 700W for the rest of the componenets. Hard drives just need a warm cable, so … Full story

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>Google phone – G1 Review – First Glance

>Nicole got her G1 yesterday – the first and foremost “Google phone”It runs android – the open source phone OS developed by Google. At first glance it’s about the side of an iPhone (and that’s the exact demographic this phone … Full story

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>Benchmark Test Results

>Here’s what I got with the MKZ Benchmark:

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>PhysX Fun

>nVidia has finally gotten around to upgrading their cards with PhysX. They bought Agea a while ago, and it’s been a long time coming. Any nVidia card that is an 8 series or above is able to be upgraded, which … Full story

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>New SLi Comparison

>I picked up another card to do SLi this weekend. I wanted more, I wanted 2560×1600. I priced out what it would cost me to get a 9800GX2 including the trade-in from EVGA and it was going to be like … Full story

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>GTAIV (GTA 4) for PS3 Not Using 1080p

>I picked up GTA IV this morning, and by some odd cooincidence also had today off. I popped it in, it did a file copy to the HD (about 5 to 10 minutes) which is like 3+ Gig. I got … Full story

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>Graff. I’m finally back online.let me just start with the fact that Virtual Machine 2007 started this… wait… maybe MixMan DM2 started this… yeah… I’ve recently gotten a bit of DJ gear. Nothing special, a turntable, then a mixer with … Full story

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>Best TV for Gaming

>I saw this article about the best HDTVs for gaming on MSN. It caught my eye and it started out with just what I wanted to know: response time and refresh rate averages.Apparently Plasma is 4ms, LCD is 8ms, and … Full story

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