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I b fallen in Super Cloudbuilt.  It makes me anxious and it’s overstimulating on top of being cell-shaded which I have disliked since the days of JetSetRadio.   This one in particular has a lot of thought put into it and … Full story

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New Games

I added a few new games to the library, thanks to some steam sales + lack of impulse control. I missed out on my cart full of songs for Rocksmith – 40% off is the cheapest they ever go and … Full story

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Almost 2 Months Down

…ad infinitum to go. Today has been excruciatingly difficult. It’s been a busy week — celebrating the actual birthdays on Wed and Thu, making sure the parts for the swing set all arrived on time (picking up the big one … Full story

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>I’ve just posted this message on the MSNBC message boards. I logged into MSN and saw the question – what do you want to speak out about… it inspired me to turn this ball of thoughts into a few sentences. … Full story

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>al·tru·is·tic [al-troo-is-tik] Pronunciation Key – Show IPA Pronunciation–adjective1. unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others (opposed to egoistic).2. Animal Behavior. of or pertaining to behavior by an animal that may be to its disadvantage but that benefits … Full story

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Ruler of My Domain (Expiration)

Ugg – it’s always a drag when the ol domain registration expires.I swear I’ll just buy them all for the next 20 years! This won’t even post when I write it, says 48 hours but I’m hoping maybe by tomorrow?Apparently … Full story

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>BioShock – EtchASketch Style Sooooo much to blog: weddings So first there was my own wedding… then then Justin’s… and now Jon’s on Saturday. baby Not mine, Matt and Jenn had a baby – Charlotte is the baby’s name and … Full story

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>Future Mutant Creatures Abounding in Chernobyl

>This article indicates wild animals are migrating towards the Chernobyl. That got me to thinking about why the animals were coming back. The first thing that crossed my mind was that life wants to evolve, radiation helps that fact. Is … Full story

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>Old Video Games

>I’m collecting old PC games. I’ve been collecting them for some time, but each time I do a major hardware upgrade, or come upon games I forgot about – I like to pop them in and see what used to … Full story

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