Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Review

I guess I should add something here about close quarters as well I’ll have some screenshots and videos with descriptions and general information about the new packs Had to at least get a place holder up… Ok so it’s been a good week or so of good tank combat and I must say it is a good addition to the game. I play on a particular server with B2K and ARK, it is all flight maps and it is so great to have both packs maps in rotation. I have gotten

My 3D Aventure in Digitopia

I was accused of trolling for posting what I found while testing a few games with 3D Vision. I don’t take umbrage but it reminded me that this is the first time round for some people. The History Before I address the fad aspect of 3D let me say I am no stranger. It has come a long way since the geForce 3 I had about 10 years ago. It worked, and I guess it never went away, even the test screen for the glasses is the same today as it used to be with a couple extra dynamic lights…


My first foray into being on camera, we’ll see how this goes… **Update** Ok, that was truly a case of nerves. I wasn’t all that nervous until I saw the woman in front of me do it. I was planning on a basic how do you do and maybe some pictures but I jumped right into taping some Q&A for the promos. The next time I’ll have a little more preparation and should be able to roll with it a bit more, was hoping to be a bit more natural about it.