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Musical  Conundrum

I really want to buy these two albums. I want the artists to get one more purchase and show that I enjoy their work. Both of these albums are free to listen to with Amazon Prime. I don’t normally listen … Full story

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>MP3 Site

>They’re spreading my mixes, so I guess that’s good – just wish they didn’t stream it directly from me every time. Check out one my top 10 visitors – a very well stocked Chinese MP3 site! Google translates, most … Full story

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>Randy Boyer’s New Track

>Randy Boyer just came out with a new track:Randy Boyer & Kristina Sky (ft Cari Golden) – No Limit – check it out if you’re a fan of trance / dance. I’ve also seen a couple remixes of his around … Full story

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>Fun stuff to do on a Thursday… online

>Frikkin lovin ASOT #400 while I work:A State of Trance #400 – live April 16, 17, 18 And please… think of Kanye West and download his latest single: Gay Fish.

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>Another Mix

>Here’s another mix I did a few months back, realized I hadn’t posted it or added it to the net yet – it was still sitting on my work computer and my old MP3 player. So check it out – … Full story

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>Mixxy Mixxy

>Here are a few mixes I’ve done as of late:Anavan – The Perfect Sound (WijiX SoundOff Mix) [listen] The Veronicas – Untouched (WijiX Touch√© Mix) [listen] Lady Gaga – Just Dance (WijiX MiX) [listen] I also have a pretty awful … Full story

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>MIA – Paper Airplanes Ringtone

>I kept hearing it in the trailer and couldn’t get it out of my head so I made aringtone of the song from Pineapple Express.

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>My Song

>So I was forwarded this little utility for finding random music. I’m still not sure of the full story behind it but I’ve tried typing in many a random song name and it found something. I’m not sure if it’s … Full story

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>Lilly Allen

>I’m not sure what to make of this chick. Is she Spanish, is she from the UK? Is she a spanish chick from the UK? It sounds a bit like Avril, as in lyrical depth but she has a good … Full story

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