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1996 – The Year Alternative Rock Died a Messy, Forgettable Death

Some phenomenal hindsight of grunge, alternative rock, and how it became the very thing it stood against. I remember this year vividly. I was 15, at the height of my angst, and this caused me not only to re-live the … Full story

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¬°APARATO! by ¬°Aparato!

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>Digital Nexus

>I’ve been needing to revamp the whole computer situation, and I think I’ve finally got it all in hand for the main PC: WinXP, WinXP64 on my SATA 3G RAID Striping HDs, and VISTA64 on my single SATA 3G. I’ve … Full story

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>Before there were motion pictures…

>Before there were motion pictures – there were Magic Lantern slides (PDF)

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