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Time Check

It’s not quite 8pm. I worked from home today because the kids were here for most of my workday. We had gone up to VT this weekend for my Mom’s birthday party. It was a mixed bag but I was … Full story

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Enter the Cray(cray)

Nothing Trying to think about why I am sad. I feel like there are layers of sadness right now. I just spent the weekend with my kids. I was later than I wanted getting up. I was supposed to do … Full story

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Past Time

Oblivion, Elder Scrolls IV came out 11 years ago. I remember what I was doing, I remember my life at the time. My wife and I were not married yet, we were living in a second floor apartment 1 street … Full story

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1996 – The Year Alternative Rock Died a Messy, Forgettable Death

Some phenomenal hindsight of grunge, alternative rock, and how it became the very thing it stood against. I remember this year vividly. I was 15, at the height of my angst, and this caused me not only to re-live the … Full story

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YouTube Punished Me For a Sun Fish

So long story short, I’m in the penalty box for YouTube. I had the ability to upload longer than average clips all was going well and good. I grabbed a video with viral-potential from Facebook because no one had done … Full story

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Thoughts While AFK

If I want to listen to Paranoid Android, why Spotify, would I want to listen to Interpol. You should know my age by now.  No, bad Spotify! Also music related, has Pitbull purchased stock in makers of Fireball whiskey? It’s … Full story

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When Next Gen Is Missing the Next

Detail, polygons, shaders… all very important.  What I find most important are textures.  Artistic and accurate textures can bring life to anything, even simplistic character models and environments.  Water looking good — that’s a decent feat, trees with individual leaves, … Full story

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>Swine Flu

>There’s a “swine flu pandemic” on the news, but the news has been looking for a good widespread disease to report on since mad cow. Bird Flu, Swine Flu… so far 150 cases of people actually dying from it. The … Full story

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>GTA: Lost & Damn It!

>I had my main system drive in RAID striping (no data protection) and sure enough one of the drives went screwy. I had a system backup that I made with Vista Ultimate so I wasn’t that wary of reinstalling. I … Full story

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Back Attack!

This blizzard will be the death of me, I’m currently attempting to ward off back spasms with muscle relaxers and aleve. I was just getting over it too, and now I’ve done WAY too much shoveling. I am writing to … Full story

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>I just paid $4.19 for Super using CASH. I could have paid $4.39 if I used credit. Separate cash and credit prices?? Way to go back to

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>Graff. I’m finally back online.let me just start with the fact that Virtual Machine 2007 started this… wait… maybe MixMan DM2 started this… yeah… I’ve recently gotten a bit of DJ gear. Nothing special, a turntable, then a mixer with … Full story

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>Hey look at me, I’m updating! They cut off access to Blogger at work, so there hasn’t been much as far as spur of the moment updates. I’ve been doing the (scrolly) links, but not even much time for that … Full story

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I’m Board

So I took down my bulletin board. I guess I’m going to have to lock it up. Too many spammers, even with a image test and confirmation email. My next version will have super lock down. I am hoping it … Full story

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>You got to laser operator…

>I’m kind of bummed. I volunteered for the Travelers Golf Tournament for the first time this year. I hadn’t heard back from my “team captain” about what I’d be doing, and was also worried about it being so close to … Full story

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