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Harper Lee: my Christmas in New York

One midwinter in 1950s New York, Harper Lee went to stay with friends. Little did she know she was about to be given the gift of a lifetime… Source: Harper Lee: my Christmas in New York

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Kids react to power glove To be embedded.

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Teaching Through Video Games Becomes Blurred

There are no video games for a 3 year old. They have their shapes in the holes and the identifying patters and exploring storybook games, but there are no real 3 year old games. Fun games that send you somewhere … Full story

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>Back to School

>I start school on Monday – already hopped online to get a peek at the workload. I stuck with 1 major class and 1 short class this semester to start out. I would like to have an idea of the … Full story

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>Inbreeding and Free

>An interesting article – blue eyes are related to Melanoma. EA announced “Battlefield Heros”, due out this summer. It’s from the Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2 team and it’s FREE. However before you go screaming in delight like a little … Full story

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>Bush Cancels the 5th Amendment

>So here’s a good one:5th AmendmentExecutive Order From the Whitehouse – 7/17/2007

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>Before there were motion pictures…

>Before there were motion pictures – there were Magic Lantern slides (PDF)

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