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I b fallen in Super Cloudbuilt.  It makes me anxious and it’s overstimulating on top of being cell-shaded which I have disliked since the days of JetSetRadio.   This one in particular has a lot of thought put into it and … Full story

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New Games

I added a few new games to the library, thanks to some steam sales + lack of impulse control. I missed out on my cart full of songs for Rocksmith – 40% off is the cheapest they ever go and … Full story

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Need for Speed #ShareEveryWinNFS Contest Entry — Please UPVOTE!

Here it is – recorded and uploaded in 4K — we’ll see how long it takes YouTube to process it! I managed to hit all 3 daily objectives in a single chase! If that’s not #ShareEveryWinNFS I don’t know what … Full story

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Benchmarking Rumble! Round 2

780ti 3g vs 980ti 6g vs 98ti 6g in SLi Please refer to Round 1 for the 780ti numbers Putting this placeholder here, please check back in a couple of days.

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Spotted in the Wild: NVidia External Thunderbolt Display Support

I instantly thought of the Mac display, and will this resolve the 4k ( 4 x [1920x1080p]) display rate conundrum? I am waiting for the first 120hz display, and then I will happily 4k away.

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Benchmarking Rumble! The 780ti 3G vs the 980ti 6G — both EVGA Classifies, who will win???

Ok, so we know who will win card on card, but what about in SLI? The extra memory is going to make scaling possible, rendering at much higher resolutions (4k? 5k?) and then scaling down for the display resolution of … Full story

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EBAY: USED 2 x EVGA 780ti Classified – 03G-P4-2888-KR

Yes that’s right, 2 780ti Classified cards by the best video card manufacturer! I’m currently selling the 2 of them in separate options up on ebay. Care to take a look? 5 and 7 days respectively, please share! … Full story

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Upgrade Time

This is a developing article, stay tuned for more details. Current System AMD @ 4.1ghz 4 core, 8 thread, 8G DDR3 Dual Channel 1600 New System Intel i7 @ 3.2ghz (4hz turbo) 4 core, 8 thread, 32 G DDR3 Dual … Full story

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XBOX 360 PC Wireless Gaming Receiver – Drivers for knockoff

I bought the thing on ebay, exactly like this guy did. Essentially here are the steps: – (optional) I already had it installed because I’m replacing the legit receiver but you can: Install the official software: – Start -> … Full story

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Video: The Evolution Of Real Time PC Graphics

I remember all of these. The first thing I did when I got a new card was go to the website to get the demos for the latest hardware. The Evolution Of Real Time PC Graphics – YouTube.

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>Computer and General Stuff

>I know I’m going to regret trying to type something out on this laptop. I always hit the touchpad and sometimes even jump up and delete entire paragraphs if I’m not paying attention. In any case I’m writing this on … Full story

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>nVidia PhysX Performance using Batman Arkham Asylum

>PhysX has been added to the PC version of Batman with the v1.1 update. It does not ship with PhysX settings out of the box. Once installed you are provided several options for PhysX – Off, Normal, or High with … Full story

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>The Novint Falcon – Gaming Nirvana

>more to follow, teaser:

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>New SLi Comparison

>I picked up another card to do SLi this weekend. I wanted more, I wanted 2560×1600. I priced out what it would cost me to get a 9800GX2 including the trade-in from EVGA and it was going to be like … Full story

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>Graff. I’m finally back online.let me just start with the fact that Virtual Machine 2007 started this… wait… maybe MixMan DM2 started this… yeah… I’ve recently gotten a bit of DJ gear. Nothing special, a turntable, then a mixer with … Full story

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>It’s been a long time since I needed to download something I couldn’t find on a web page, and I guess that’s why I’ve stayed away from Torrents. I am digging through my pile of older games now and after … Full story

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>Digital Nexus

>I’ve been needing to revamp the whole computer situation, and I think I’ve finally got it all in hand for the main PC: WinXP, WinXP64 on my SATA 3G RAID Striping HDs, and VISTA64 on my single SATA 3G. I’ve … Full story

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>SLi x 3

>I think I’m done with computer gaming. I just don’t have the money to do it well. I invested for the monitor – and it’s served me well, but I just can’t believe what NVidia just announced – SLi x … Full story

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>New Games

>So I had heard about “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.” a while back and was quite excited by it. I looked it up and wow… it was already out, and had been out since March! That meant it was only $30 now, so I … Full story

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>All I Want for XMAS

>I know this is impossible, but I wish I could get this for XMAS. The reviews show better performance out of 1 of these 8800 GTS cards then 2 7950GTs in SLI. Plus… this one comes with a free copy … Full story

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>For those with an ATI HDTV Wonder and an NVIDIA video card…

>I just spent this afternoon getting my old PC up and running with XP after 1 of my drives in the Raid 0 array went kablooi. I want a PVR PC, and it’s been a long time coming. I had … Full story

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>3D Glasses for LCD

>Apparently 3D gaming glasses went byebye with the CRT. I found out after cruizing a bit, my interest sparked by a detail line in the nVidia drivers readme. I had a pair of glasses built into my old GeForce3. It … Full story

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