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Battlefield Montage (Aftermath – AM, Armored Kill – AK)

Updated Battlefield Montage (Aftermath – AM) – YouTube.

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Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Review

I guess I should add something here about close quarters as well I’ll have some screenshots and videos with descriptions and general information about the new packs Had to at least get a place holder up… Ok so it’s been … Full story

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Review: Max Payne 3

Whew. That’s a rush. I just got done playing through my first hour of Max Payne 3 and I feel… stimulated, enthralled, and defeated. I had to stop playing though. There is only so many times you can replay the … Full story

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The Witcher 2 – 3D Vision – 1920×1080 recorded SBS with Fraps – YouTube

This probobly won’t work through the embed, but you should be able to click it to go to youtube to watch it there. I haven’t had any luck, I’ve done all the checks, the instructions, walkthroughs everything. HTML5 can’t find … Full story

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>Crysis 2 Review (PC)

>I got my hands on Crysis 2 for PC yesterday. I was very excited having seen it and played it on multiple machines at PAX East several weekends ago. It came on one disk, which was good in regards to … Full story

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>Computer and General Stuff

>I know I’m going to regret trying to type something out on this laptop. I always hit the touchpad and sometimes even jump up and delete entire paragraphs if I’m not paying attention. In any case I’m writing this on … Full story

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>Need For Speed Screenshots


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>Battlefield 1942 Is the Worst Game for PC

> I had downloaded Battlefield 1942 for the PS3 a while back, shelled out the $15 and it’s relatively good. Destructable environments basic gameplay on what Battlefield should be (not Bad Company) and decent graphics for a console. I was … Full story

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>nVidia PhysX Performance using Batman Arkham Asylum

>PhysX has been added to the PC version of Batman with the v1.1 update. It does not ship with PhysX settings out of the box. Once installed you are provided several options for PhysX – Off, Normal, or High with … Full story

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>GTA Screenshots – Vista vs Win7 Performance Increase

>Here are some pics of GTA before and after. Both are playable at 40 to 45fps. Vista is overclocked video chip / mem ~ 745mhz / 1265mhzWin7 is stock video chip / mem ~ 705mhz / 1215mhz Vista .5———————–Vista 1Win7 … Full story

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>Batman – Arkham Asylum DEMO

>Batman Arkham Asylum DEMO doesn’t launch correctly on 64 bit versions of Windows. You get an int32 error when launching which appears to be a misdeclared variable in the HTTP based launcher. The developers are aware of it but if … Full story

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>Burnout Paradise for PC

>I just downloaded the largest demo ever: 2.9 gigs, and it turns out that’s because it also has the full game in it. When you go to install it you are presented with 2 buttons: Install Trial or Install Full … Full story

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>Video: 1st Rockstar Social Club Video Submission

>So this shows a few issues with Rockstar’s “video editor” in GTA IV for PC.You’ll notice you don’t see any fire after the first clip or two yet some vehicles tend to blow up for no reason. I’m a little … Full story

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>GTA IV in all it’s glory and then some

>Ya know… sometimes I hate PC gaming and then other times. I looooove it:[ 1st Try, beloved MMA10 ERROR ][ GTAIV 01 ][ GTAIV 02 ][ GTAIV 03 ] *[ GTAIV 04 ][ GTAIV 05 ] * = driver upgrade … Full story

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>Google Blog Gadget API

>I saw a link when I published for “add gadgets to your blog”I’m still using a template and I like i that way. I have my own ways of adding things to the page but I don’t have the time … Full story

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>Fallout 3

>Hummina humina – Fallout 3 is fabulous. It’s everything I wanted it to be. It plays similarly to Oblivion with all the awesomeness of Oblivion & Fallout combined. The combat system is your run of the mill point and shoot… … Full story

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>Video Game Movies

>I’ve been loving 2560 x 1600 for all games lately with the latest version of nVidia drivers and now I took some video. First one is 25fps, other 2 are 60 fps but I belive Windows Movie Maker does 15fps … Full story

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>PhysX Fun

>nVidia has finally gotten around to upgrading their cards with PhysX. They bought Agea a while ago, and it’s been a long time coming. Any nVidia card that is an 8 series or above is able to be upgraded, which … Full story

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>Photoshop & Video (Back to You – and ALF!)

>I submitted a photoshop to’day. It’s only using paint… so I guess it’s a paint-shop. In any case check out the submission. I’ve also got the original. Only 3 more days to watch “Back to You” on Hulu! I found … Full story

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>First Look at FarCry2

>If you thought Crysis was cool:Video: First look at FarCry2 They did it even better with FarCry 2, without aliens. Top 100 Best Tech Products – top 10 are right on… minus a few (like Facebook, XP?!!). I had never … Full story

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>Bioshock DX9 vs DX10

>This whole review is good, but this part about Bioshock DX9 vs DX10 screenshots is pretty apparent that it’s not worth another $800.

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>I played BIOSHOCK last night – loved it, in fact, here’s another bioshock screenshot I got “on the way down”. I purchased it on the way home today. It is a very very nice looking game. I enjoy the concept, … Full story

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>BioShock DEMO

>I downloaded the BioShock DEMO while I was at work today, just installed it and haven’t even gotten around to a main screen yet – literally just got in the building and I have to post this screenshot of the … Full story

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>New Web Project

>Here’s my latest web project. I’m doing it in trade, I get some electrial work (dishwasher circuit, gararge), and he gets a cool site for his Paintball event. It’ll also be a really cool addition to my web portfolio.

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>.:Whistles:…:points at serials:.

>.:whistles, looks around:. Hey, what in the world could that be?

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