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Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Talks to Young Voters • Triumph

Oh my goodness, this had me in absolute stitches! It just goes to show you that no matter what you say, you’ll never not offend anyone!

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SyntheticX Gamleaon: Mad Max – With Commentary

MAD MAX – Cacophony This will be where I’ll have more to say.

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5 minute Grand Theft Auto V highway pileup/explosion. – YouTube

Shamelessly swiped directly from Kotaku.  Google Now suggested it, otherwise I’ve given up on the ENTIRE Gawker family.  The binary lords help anyone who ventures there through a social media site as you will be barraged by the barragiest of … Full story

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Kids react to power glove To be embedded.

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>The Crystal Donkey

>There is an amusing story behind this – but better to tell in person. Jay found it.

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>It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – Full Episodes

>I love Hulu, and now they’ve got my favorite show: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia – watch the full episodes. If you can get the beginning of the season the final episode will be a lot funnier 🙂

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>Have You Heard?

>Have you heard? The Bird is the Word S6E2 of Family Guy –

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>My Niece has a Melon

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>Hillary is Tracy Flick

>Did you know that Hillary is Tracy Flick?

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>Some of the Best Fark Headlines of 2007

>Here are some of the best Fark headlines from 2007

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>Beeceuticals Sues Bee Movie

>I guess Jerry and Co should have made sure no one else had the trademark on “Give Bees a Chance”. Beeceuticals had it first, sounds like really good stuff.

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>Always Sunny In Philadelphia

>I love this show… season 3 premiers tomorrow night, so set your DVRs to FX =) Watch a “My Space Exclusive” Episode of Always Sunny In Philadelphia(now with myspace goodness removed): [ Part 1 ][ Part 2 ][ Part 3 … Full story

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>Can LOLCATS be explained? Nope.

>Check out this really amusing article attempting to explain LOLCATS.You can’t do it, more importantly – no one should try.

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>A New Kind of "Buddy Comedy"

>Baxter and McGuire – a new kind of buddy comedy.

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>Larry Pierce

>Look for this musical artist: Larry Pierce Some tidbits: She licked my scrotum, she licked my scrotum,Now I don’t care about those letters… or who wrote ’em. —- There Ain’t Nothin’ Like a Good Hard Fuckin’ You can party all … Full story

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