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Video: GTA V Gets A Tweak!

Rockstar always rolls them out dialed waaaaaay back. Up until GTA V had already been out for a year the mods were still being applied to IV. They had 4K working in that quite a ways back. I still see … Full story

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Musical  Conundrum

I really want to buy these two albums. I want the artists to get one more purchase and show that I enjoy their work. Both of these albums are free to listen to with Amazon Prime. I don’t normally listen … Full story

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>Peggle – for iPod!

>You may have played “Peggle” on PopCap before, but now you can get it on your iPod – I just found Peggle on iTunes for $4.99

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>Randy Boyer’s New Track

>Randy Boyer just came out with a new track:Randy Boyer & Kristina Sky (ft Cari Golden) – No Limit – check it out if you’re a fan of trance / dance. I’ve also seen a couple remixes of his around … Full story

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>End of Fallout 3

>I beat Fallout 3 today – tried it ever which way to survive. Unfortunately the ending comes out almost the same, with a few changes here and there. I did it right the first time and then reloaded and went … Full story

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>Mixxy Mixxy

>Here are a few mixes I’ve done as of late:Anavan – The Perfect Sound (WijiX SoundOff Mix) [listen] The Veronicas – Untouched (WijiX Touch√© Mix) [listen] Lady Gaga – Just Dance (WijiX MiX) [listen] I also have a pretty awful … Full story

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>New Lilly Allen – Fear

>Listen to the new Lilly Allen track “Fear”, or if you’re so inclined, download it.

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>Learn How to Create Web Applications in Visual Studio 9 – Virtual Lab!

>I found a virtual lab for Visual Studio 9. This particular one is for building web applications, but if you’re interested in teaching yourself you can get your start with the virtual labs and then even download Microsoft Visual Studio … Full story

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>For those with an ATI HDTV Wonder and an NVIDIA video card…

>I just spent this afternoon getting my old PC up and running with XP after 1 of my drives in the Raid 0 array went kablooi. I want a PVR PC, and it’s been a long time coming. I had … Full story

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>Exclusive My Ass!

>Exclusive my ASS! 7.5 min preview of Spiderman 3720p Quicktime HD

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