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Contest! 4 Days Of WIN! Today: Win $10 Off @ LooneyLabs!

4 DAYS LEFT!! The countdown has begun, check back with us every day until 0 hour to win something cool! The heat is on… 4 days until you can watch all the fun happen in real time. You can connect … Full story

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5 minute Grand Theft Auto V highway pileup/explosion. – YouTube

Shamelessly swiped directly from Kotaku.  Google Now suggested it, otherwise I’ve given up on the ENTIRE Gawker family.  The binary lords help anyone who ventures there through a social media site as you will be barraged by the barragiest of … Full story

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Video: The World’s Largest Cave – Hang Son Doong

Hang Son Doong from Ryan Deboodt

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Extra Life | Gaming for Charity | Donation Drive

Hey everyone, felt like doing something good with my time so I figured I’d drum up some possible donations and such.  There will be various tiers, of benefits depending on the amount, but seriously a dollar is support. Of course … Full story

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>The time has come! You too can shop for groceries online in Springfield MA!

>Peapod has taken forever to come to the area… it sucks because I would love to order my groceries online and then have them delivered. The next best thing to that is ordering online and picking them up. Well the … Full story

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>Google Blog Gadget API

>I saw a link when I published for “add gadgets to your blog”I’m still using a template and I like i that way. I have my own ways of adding things to the page but I don’t have the time … Full story

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>Google phone – G1 Review – First Glance

>Nicole got her G1 yesterday – the first and foremost “Google phone”It runs android – the open source phone OS developed by Google. At first glance it’s about the side of an iPhone (and that’s the exact demographic this phone … Full story

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>And here’s some pics of the backyard, as seen by me, rather stationarilyily by me(ilyily) lounging working on bills and webstuff this afternoon(ilyily). This has got to be one of the coolest uses for USB yet.

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