Serving It Up

Servers servers servers.

I have two servers, only because the server rack I picked up second hand came with one. It’s a single rail height, with space for four 3.5″ drives, 2 nic, dual Xeon 2.4ghz

My primary is 3 high, with 12 or so 2.5″ drive slots, 4 nic, dual Xeon 2.6ghz

This past weekend I moved my external SATA card to the older server, installed Ubuntu 18 server.

I installed 2016 on the primary and set it up for remote access w/ DHCP, DNS, and (eventually) the plan is to load balance the dual lines from the gigabit modem across 2 gigabit inputs on the server. It’s just one for now and I’ll team the interfaces later. I hope to be able to turn off the Comcast firewall and set it to bridge mode.


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