Few screenshots, some 4k, some not.

Two EVGA 980ti:
20 to 30fps @ 4k
70fps vsync @ 1080

NVidia doesn’t even have an optimized driver for this one yet.
The city looks alive-ish, Multiplayer started out really cool — I had help from real people, we all ran into the fire together. Once I took the base, then I had to go looking for people for each mission. I didn’t discover this until later. They’ve got some reworking to do. You need people all over, fighting for both sides or it might get a little crowded.

The cover system could get a little old. I think I just need to hide the lines and buttons and everything that pops up. Once you have the hang of it you don’t need all the lines in the air. It seems pestiferous and unnecessary. I absolutely love the GUI though. I like the Minority Report style heads up display, perfect once you’ve got a VR headset, some eye tracking and a glove. It’s still cool without all that.

I won’t get started on VR but I’ve got a strong opinion on it. I was just finding the coolness in 3D — everyone still got tired eyes from it.
Anyhow, it’s late and the kids have gym early in the morning. There will be more occuring tomorrow. Most likely I’ll have a stream ready to go from this very post.

Ok, had some more time with it last night and have a rundown for ya.  It’s repetitive, from the enemies to the missions, all around.  So far I have not seen much aside from running into random people (NPCs) who may or may not start shooting at you.  To clear a threat from an area, you approach them from a side, take cover, shoot, reload, maybe move cover and do it all over again.  They don’t do much aside from throw a grenade to impact your approach.

Virtually nothing in the world is interactive, there was a mission which involved grabbing a battery and carrying it back to the generator.  Of course waves of guys come at you and you need to put it down inas  between you being it back to the area of the generator.  That was the most I interacted with something.  Switches, power, lines, anything environmental is nada.  It’s the same old trash bags and papers that you probably can’t vault over.

I don’t see the full game here, or maybe I do and it’s obscenely short.  It’s feeling like they are relying on the DLCs to change it up… Or at least add more of the same.  Can’t say for sure but it doesn’t look great for them.

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