3D was a phase.
I was in denial. I know how computer 3D came and go but the underlying technology was sound and would live on. At the time, the next version of my card did not have 3D but this is the 3D that it had, complete with the same NVidia test pattern they use with the N that floats out in front of you. Same one.

Anyhow — I still have faith, because GeForce isn’t getting rid of it and games are going to be made more and more sprite-less, meaning no glitches and such. Bad 3D, like bad HTML — is very visible. There is a rating that NVidia gives each game it tests it with. I hope this encourages them to keep testing and holding those games to a higher standard for 3D (which totally translates to VR – Win / Win!

So twitch right now is going to be testing, carry on at your own risk:
Watch live video from Serinitism on www.twitch.tv

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