7 Disc!


It’s taking a long time… but still faster than downloading.  I think.
*update* 16:38
*update* 17:30
*update* 19:44
*update* 20:32
*update* 23:56

– Added twitch link: twitch.tv/serinitism or click to watch embedded.

16:38 — Installed and Activated! oh… and looks like the game still needs to download another 5 G but at least I have most of it already done? It appears to be the 55G installed from the discs.

...and more downloading
…and more downloading

It was downloading, I went to the store for something to drink expecting it to be all set when I came back.
Connection to download server lost.

and NOT downloading
and NOT downloading

It’s a good thing it’s dinner time anyhow.

19:00 I put it on the wrong hard drive! Gah! I backed out of the whole thing, copied it over to the other harddrive (g:\GTAV to s:\GTAV) — did a quick search through the registry for G:\GTAV and replaced it with S in roughly 5 places. I started up the launcher, it proceeded to validate through the files and finish downloading.

Performance is phenomenal. My rig is no slouch, but one never knows what to expect from a new title.
Max everything, 120hz on i7, 16g DDR3 @ 2200mhz, 2 x 780Ti 3G EVGA cards, I even turned the extra view distance all the way up. Benchmark ran pretty well, so TIME TO DIVE IN!

4/15/2015 20:32
It won’t launch without crashing. It did this to me yesterday too. Quick reboot… prologue? Wtf? Can’t skip, can’t load anything until I finish the prologue, it says.

Finish it, get to beginning and attempt to load but there is nothing, no save game. I can’t believe I lost the hours I spent into early morning yesterday!

This time I made sure the files were backed up, and I saved a zipped copy of the rockstar/gtav folder in my documents as well.

I actually found some gtav save game files in my shadow copies directory that were dated the 14th so hopefully those will work tomorrow. If I bought out on stream I would have cloud save… so there’s something.

It was already off and wrapping up for the night when I thought to look for them there, so will attempt save game surgery tomorrow night.

Save games eventually sorted out. In sure the patches helped but from there on I’ve made a new save everything and only just started overwriting the oldest ones.

I’m about halfway in on the main story according to the stats but plenty more in the other areas.

Online is a very interesting component. The regular missions online are cake compared to the heists, and that’s where they money is.

I’m loving the properly and garage ownership and hope to get in with some more online stuff now that I reeled in a few new friends from steam. Another reason I might have liked the steam version. I’m not sure if it keeps track of friends and adds them automatically but would be nice. Achievements too, but I’ve got a tactile box, art, and poster so I have no regrets!

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