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DIRT Rally / Mortal Kombat / Dead or Alive 5 / Carmageddon / ESO

On tonight’s agenda was Dirt Rally. I got the email about the early access and had to jump on it. 10% extra off isn’t much but l loved everything they’ve dive since Grid.  It was way underrated but DIRT really … Full story

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Installing Grand Theft Auto V (from disc)

7 Disc! It’s taking a long time… but still faster than downloading.  I think. 4/14/2015 *update* 16:38 *update* 17:30 *update* 19:44 4/15/2015 *update* 20:32 4/29/2015 *update* 23:56 – Added twitch link: or click to watch embedded.

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So far is been a good couple weeks playing RockSmith (RS). I came into it knowing nothing so the pick holding tutorial was right up my alley.  It did not really touch on the fingers though, which is the current … Full story

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Mortal Kombat X – Downloading Faction Data

All I’ve got so far out of Mortal Kombat X and it’s new “streaming install system” is this: Single player, crashed (closed w/o anything) Tutorial, crashed Fatality practice, crashed Faction Stuff — seems to be… loading? Check out the explanation … Full story

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