True to its name — and a wonderful combination of physics and artistry.
Tonight I played it with a force feedback wheel and it was amazing.  It plays wonderfully too, which is more than I can say for Carmageddon but they appear to be holding back so I expect improvements to performance when they roll theirs out.

Steam Community: Latest Update (10/02) Announcement

Until I have a proper review, please enjoy this from PC Gamer:

The danger of sticking with a working title for so long is that you run the risk of effectively undoing months or even years of marketing the moment you slap that new moniker on—after all, names tend to stick, no matter what they are. On the other hand, Next Car Game isn’t much of a name, so say hello to Bugbear’s Wreckfest. Hello, Wreckfest! I can’t promise I’ll remember your new name, but I’m glad to see you’ve introduced “true” internet multiplayer in your latest early access build.


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