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Hey everyone, felt like doing something good with my time so I figured I’d drum up some possible donations and such.  There will be various tiers, of benefits depending on the amount, but seriously a dollar is support.

Of course after $20… things get interesting.

1.) Live hangout of the event.  You can be part of it, or you can simply watch it.
2.) Sponsorship.  I will wear your shirt, or you may sponsor a section of a shirt.  I’ll mention your cousins name in the live feed, substitute their name for any curses… that sort of thing.
3.) Choice – want to see a game in particular?  Want to see me struggle with an old NES title?  I’m game, and I can do it.  Graphics are the name of the game, but gaming for the sake of gaming is not out of the question.
3.) Suggestion – you can add a game to the list, if I don’t have enough determined selections, I’ll start picking from the list, highest bidder gets the top slot.

Check out my donation page and make a pledge!

or you can click for more of my personal reasons for doing this…

Kids have to go through some rough stuff, and being sick shouldn’t be one of them.  If they absolutely must go through it, it should be as good and painless as possible, something that sponsorship can provide.  Let some kid get the deluxe treatment.

I’ve been in the hospital when I was young — it’s not easy.  You’re in pain, uncomfortable, stuck in a bed… anything that you can contribute can hopefully make it just a little bit better for them.  An extra test, a private room…

I’m a survivor of a quadruple spontaneous pneumothorax- lung collapse out of nowhere.  It started when I was 14 and it continued on and off (once in both at the same time) until I was 16.  It was a rough couple years.  We had insurance, but some kids don’t and I chose my hospital in particular because it’s my home state, and probably isn’t getting much love.

Support my efforts with a monthly pledge or one-time gift that will go directly to my hospital. Your donation is tax-deductible and ALL PROCEEDS go to help kids.

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