I hit up the servers for a little test run before work today.

I was able to hop right in thanks to the beta.  It was mostly the full game this time instead of the mess that was Battlefield 3.  They didn’t even save your settings between patches, let alone from the beta to the full.  My settings were all intact from playing a couple weeks ago.  That was a good time investment for that, let alone getting to know the Shanghai map.

Here are some screenshots





textures BAAAAD!


Chopper texture guy… tsk tsk tsk.  I saw a bit of these (including the chopper) in the beta.  I was really hoping it wasn’t going into production like that.  It’s literally SO close to where your eyes are, to have it that bricky and blocky is distracting.  Plus it looks like crap and your game just came out.

From far away, not bad so far.  No AA at this point, but plays like butta on two 580 3G cards in SLI.  It always seems like a bad idea to spend $400 on a video card, but when it stays current for 3 years it’s all worth it.

More screenshots and detail after the jump…

Battlefield 3, but better.

It seems simplistic to compare to 3 but there is not much revolutionary in the latest. Between 2 and 3 they changed the game, the engine, game types and it felt so different. Of course they had other projects in-between such as 2142. Now THAT was revolutionary. Add hover jets, mechs, tanks, magnetic mines and rail guns… And STILL keep it balanced? That was a feat.

I didn’t see a huge jump, for most they aren’t going to care but I out close to 400 hours in and I needed some new. It isn’t really worth paying for a game at full price for some new levels if you haven’t really played the first. I looked forward to the landscape, the players online and their lack of knowing all the spots, having all the unlocks. It is so frustrating when the ting to the yang you are hit with is yet to be available to you.

I am glad they kept single player in. It gives another dimension. It is very linear but it is good, I like getting a peek at the levels to come.

So I have discussed what is the same but what about what is different?
– knives, if you catch someone a stabbing you can counter
– point of view, the arms, legs and other visible bits that come into view are at a more natural angle
– jumping is more natural, pulling yourself up on things
– swimming, you can go underwater now. I have already used this strategically many a times
– commander is back, took a hiatus for 3 but it is similar to 2 with some refinements
-bigger maps, you will only notice this for some
– more vehicles, especially on 64 player optimized levels you will see bigger fleets
– obliteration, bomb mode. Carry it to their bases without getting taken out and you blow it up. It’s a combination of MCom and capture the flag.
– spectators, a really good feature for tournaments. Capture any player and follow their view, fly on free cam and see everything.

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