The future of console gaming, today.

If you saw the two Battlefield 4 conference demos, you may have noticed the telling little backspace key prompt in the top right corner. They were running on PC. Of course they were.

You don’t have to imagine what the next generation will look like. You can see it right now. You can playit right now. Find a gaming PC made in the last couple of years, get Crysis 2, then install the MaLDoHD Texture Pack.
Actually, no. The next-gen consoles almost certainly won’t look that good.

The next generation isn’t about forging ahead. It’s about catching up. At times, literally. PlanetSide 2 is making it’s way to the PlayStation 4. For that system, the mix of sci-fi visual flair and epic scale is the next generation. For PC owners, it’s just a game that they can play. Right now.

There’s a reason the Xbox and PS4 are shifting to a more PC-based architecture. It’s because PC-based architecture is really good. A PC doesn’t just guarantee you graphics that will match what the next-gen can handle – it’s already delivering them. And where those consoles are stuck with the same level of technical performance for the rest of their lifespan, the PC has room to grow.

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