In a crowded theatre, full of crazed women in fact one was actually taking photos on her phone of the screen I saw the second movie of the day, Magic Mike. There was dancing. There was stripping. There was drugs. There was drinking…. Guess what there wasn’t? A plot. I know what you’re thinking, what did I except of a movie about male strippers. Still, I need to believe that someone else was sitting in that cinema was thinking, I paid five dollars for this? If you had included Paul Walker and Keanu Reeves in this film you would have really had the all star cast of the worst acting in history. It was depressing to watch. It was also almost two hours. There was no reason for that!!! I enjoyed about 7 minutes of the entire film, four being the last scene where we get to see it all work out for Magic Mike, the stripper with the heart of gold. What can I say? I like a happy ending, or was I just happy it ended? Boo.

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