GTA – Are you ready for The updated ICE?

He’s been hard at work, and the installer is ready to go. The updated version of iCE. Enhancer for GTA4 will be out next week. One again we visit what you’ll need.

I am prepared. I have GTA reinstalled fresh. Here’s what you need to do the same:

Do a new install if you have an old one hanging around (this includes the RSSC), then get your system ready with the 1.04 patch. You may also want to add some fresh car models (see below) and I highly recommend this realistic handling by killatomate and reVO, you shouldn’t need to muck with handling settings again.

I have not added the traffic asi yet on the new config and I see Maybachs everywhere! [insert illustrative pic] I think I need to replace something a little less common, like the large Bentley looking thing you always get at the mob boss’ house. In case you’re not aware, the thing where you see the same car all the time? That’s built into the game, and there’s an ASI script that will rectify that. 1.04 was the last version that allowed the scripts without having to circumvent the copy protection, so it’s really the best for modding.

My attempt at replacing the Uranus, Saber, and Infernus has not shown itself yet but I just reimported so we’ll see if that works. I have strictly updated the texture and models for the cars, only. I’m running sans-handling and carcols settings, of which with the realistic handling hasn’t done me wrong yet though I must admit not doing the carcols leaves the otherwise sweet looking car models a bit on the drab side.

** updated 2012 07 09 ** Added some more cars, everything is still nice and stable. These are all PRE-ICE so we’ll see what it looks like in a couple of days. I may even make some edits to the car-colors (carcols) file to enable the more sporty looking ones. I think a good percentage of the cars I chose to replace are on the other islands, so have to unlock more, I’m actually just playing it through again. It’s still just as fun, even when I know what’s going to happen… especially since I can make sure to get some fully auto assault rifles and body armor where necessary.

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