ICEnhancer 2.1 Final

icenhancer 2.1 1040 has been released! [Download] ICELaGlacE Official Site More to come… [ screenshots ] Nothing too impressive yet – just updated smaa to fxaa, we’ll see if there’s an obvious difference. There was a major need for some sort of aliasing, made all the more apparent by the light. Night is pretty in its own right, but don’t lose your headlights. Make sure to catch the sunrise over the beach!

My 6-year-old Judges Books by the Covers, from No Exit to 50 Shades of Grey

What is No Exit About? “Momma, what’s this book about?” That is a question that I hear every time we go to our local bookstore as my very curious six-year-old daughter picks up eye-catching books from various sections from fiction to biographies to psychology. My family spends a fair amount time in bookstores, so this is a query I’ve become accustomed to hearing and one I try my darndest to answer (but really, how does one explain James Joyce’s Ulysses to a six-year-old?). Read More… [My 6-year-old Judges Books by the Covers – Strollerderby].