EA Finds Yet Another Way to Squeeze More Money (BF3)

So it did not seem feasab.e that EA would get me to go “Premium”. As much as I love the series, even this game in particular, my hatred for EA overrules all. I wish someone else could own it, but who knows what a non superstar budget would do to the series.

In any case, here is the deal with Premium:
You pay up front to get a special asterisk on your name online “exclusive” dog tags and some extras assignments. They were introduced with Back to Karkland and I really enjoyed the extra challenge of trying to hit the individual goals. It also encouraged users to switch up their style. Otherwise I doubt I would have ever touched recon.

Once you are premium, supposedly all other DLC content is yours, plus other exclusives. At $10 a DLC it is not a bad price, granted one of those DLCs I already own since I got the limited edition when it came out. In any case it didnt cost me any extra so I’m leaving that fact out. You also get exclusive events, prioritization on the server queues (most jackass move ever), and early access. Its actually late access unless you pay, is what it boils down to.

It’s not that I wanted to be special, but I knew I wanted what was coming down the pike and I didn’t want to pay $15 each for them. I pay it up front, I get it when it’s ready, and don’t have to worry about it again.

It still doesn’t change the fact that I feel that EA are money grubbing slug dicks, but I have not walked the walk by voting with my wallet.

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