The Gooey Incident 1

Originally drafted 2004 07 03 – leads to the other draft

>Carletta yelled at me tonight. She seemed increasingly pissed.

When she first picked up the brush in her room she said 8 dollars, then by the time she was washing it off she said it was 40 dollars. I’m sure I’d estimate high if it were me too… and that’s something you just can’t wash away so I understand. (though I’m trying my best with the “Se7ens” jeans =]~ )

Yeah, a good batch by a drunk Josh — and I couldn’t tell ya what happened. Sat down on the cushion in front of the computer, put my head down for a second while an update downloaded for Carletta’s computer (my weakness, updating people’s computers — I do it all the time, parties, doesn’t matter — especially when I’ve had a bit to drink 😉

Carletta was trying to go to sleep but I was being annoying and wouldn’t leave her alone. Well my actions caused great mayhem and sadness. I squidged goo all over her floor, my jeans, her jeans which were there on the floor, and a few other things around. Goo being Mary Kay face cleanser.

So yeah, great move — note to self, evaluation the inebriation.

After being upstairs for a short while I came into my room and the cat had knocked down a table near the door to the porch, right there was a rabbit stuffed animal. I had never seen it before, brought it down to Carletta “have you seen this youngster?”

My first guess would be that it was Fitzy, but apparently it was “put away in a bag, understuff, like this .:poses it all nicely:.”

I’m really confused, especially because I don’t think it was in here until a few minutes ago.

The table wasn’t hiding it, previous thoughts of this being a convenient set up for Carletta to move out and live with Ren. Holly said something quite non-chalantly last time we were out at Alibi s without Carletta about her and Ren finally agreeing or “she got him to agree” or something along those lines.

I can’t really be that paranoid, but it’s way too perfect. the first thought when I woke up covered in goo was “am I being punished because I passed out?” .:sigh:.

So this is where I spoke to Carletta and finally got the full story. We were great friends, the beat friends, the kind that drop in, share your food and plop down on the couch to watch tv or whatever. There was always an unspoken tension between us. She had a boyfriend, in fact he was a roommate at Olmsted for a bit, which is how we met.

That never really stopped us from having adventures all the time, which made it all the more endearing, in hind sight it probably wasn’t a great idea for her to move into one of the spare rooms. I knew how I felt, but I always dreamed I could sweep her away when I was positive,

The part that I honestly couldn’t remember, apparently blocked out was that I had tried to kiss her, and got angry when rebuked. As soon as she said it, it all came back. That was the major reason we stopped talking, and how everything got so heated, I was acting as nothing big had happened all she wanted was an apology for putting her on that situation and I had no idea what she was talking about. It may make the next few entries make a bit more sense.

June 7th 2012

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