It is days like this that remind me that summer is just as much a gaming season as winter. I avoid the polarization and increase my gaming repertoire.

There are several new titles as of late, and I have played a few of them. Here are my general impressions:

Diablo III

– Yes, you’ve heard it bandied about. It’s set the record and beyond. If you don’t have it, a friend does – 3.5 million on the first day and that does NOT include the 1.2 million Blizzard drummed up with their WoW promotion, NOR the millions in the Korean video game parlors starving themselves for a few more mouse clicks.

Max Payne

– Where Diablo has millions, poor Max has hundreds of thousands. It did pretty well considering, but it’s overshadowed. I have not played, nor seen played, nor really even looked it up, but a couple bits from what I read:
– It’s linear
– It’s brutally gory
– It’s gritty

I’m sold, and will most likely pick it up on a steam sale sometime soon but not at full price (Sorry Rockstar, I’ll wait)

Dirt: Showdown

– I’ve been jokingly referring to this by a different name every time I bring it up in conversation. “Showdown” just doesn’t seem all that memorable to me. Call it whatever you like but Dirt: Crash Smash, Dirt: Demo Derby, and Demolition Racer are all acceptable. I have some dislikes but I’ll get to those. Full fledged review for this one is coming. It all boils down to how it compares to the original, and the standard for comparison of ALL demolition derby games Desctruction Derby by Pysgnosis

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