Double Standards

Originally drafted 2004 09 06:

>”I thought we were on a month to month basis…”

So was I — month to month equals 30 days notice.

How would you feel if I told you that you had to be out by the end of the week?

It’s common courtesy to give 30 days notice, on top of the fact that I would need to give him 30 days notice. Previous house mates moving out had led to discussions, and Scott assured me he would give me such a courtesy.

Telling me on the 27th hardly constitutes any notice, let alone 30 days.

“I don’t need the security deposit back soon”.

Probably won’t be getting it if you keep giving me issues about “what you owe”.


…this was my passive aggressive “journaling” phase? I think it had to do with my landlord turned roommate when I wanted to move out.

** 2012 05 04 **
Nope it was Allison moving out. I was so worried about proving I could make this whole thing work, managing one side of a house with 5 bedrooms. All the while the landlord was taking advantage and squeezing every last dime out of us, which meant me when we were short. I don’t believe anyone else’s rent went up, I didn’t think it was fair given how I felt when it was done to me.

I was lashing out at this and took it personal but I am sure it wasn’t the most comfortable place or even situation. This eventually led to posting a listing at STCC, delaying the inevitable departure by a few more months with Rob. Now THAT was an adventure. Every day.

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