So I’ve taken a break from the 3D for better 2D. 120hz is what I’m talking about. I suppose if I put on VSYNC it should now try to do 90? 120? BF3 was surprising. I had been playing with vsynch in order to prevent tearing, but I disabled the 3D, put the glasses in their nice felt bag and tonight was all about the 120hz Battlefield 3.

Enabling 120hz for Games

There are several steps which you need to do in order to switch between the two modes. One of which is the hertz (naturally). For Nvidia it is in the Nvidia control panel – esentially the bigger better cousin of windows xp display properties (since Win7 has decided to split monitor into a device and resolution into a separate section… but I digress).

It’s in the resolution section – set it to your normal resolution (trust me, it’s 1920×1080) and choose 120hz from the dropdown. You may get some additional smoothness or benefit from setting it lower, if you’re expecting less from your machine, it allows your vsynch to time it right so it can stay steady at a lower frame rate but just set it to 120hz, even for demonstrative purposes.

You’ll also have to disable the 3D Vision. Note for BF3. Even if you disable it, if the game is open it will click 3D back on. BF3 especially has a bad habit of turning it off when you die, and then back on, so not only are you dead but you’re also getting flickering and black screen back and forth as the display adjusts. This is not helpful if you get revived!

I’m averaging about 70 to 115 fps @ 1920 x 1080. I’ll take some more accurate benchmarks and let you know.

…I really dislike non-hardcore mode.

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