It was topical at the time, apparently I wrote it up into a txt file and then just uploaded to my server. I recently found it.

[Feb 2008]

Everything I’ve looked up on the internet says there is no meaning to Clutch’s song 10001110101.
Even the singer says it means nothing in an interview, that some people are disappointed – like they’re looking for some secret code or something.

In any case I think it’s a secret plug because of what I found.
I was curious because right after he says 10001110101 is “periodic table”.
That got me thinking, translate the binary and then look for a matching item on the periodic table.

A number in binary is 8 bits 00000000 each one being turned off or on with the value being the sum of the activated bit.
From right to left the values are 1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128. Smaller numbers ( That leaves 3 groups of 4 from 010001110101:
0100 = 4
0111 = 7
0101 = 5

That could mean the following elements from the periodic table:
4 = Berylium
7 = Nitrogen
5 = Boron

That having no real meaning, I looked to the rows
Row 4, 7in 5 down is… Uranium, #92

I searched for 10001110101 and Uranium and came up with many results. Apparently it’s another metal band and several hard rock shows.
It may be a big cooincidence, but thought that might be interesting to anyone who might still be searching about it.

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