EA… Realy?!!

I signed on today for some battlefield 3 and went to check out the patch notes and noticed something else… “shortcuts” yes, for only $6.95 you too can have a whole set of unlocks that others spent hours and hours. The whole point is you would carefully choose what you tried to unlock or try to hone several similar skills to align your goals and unlock as much as you could at once. It is like giving rookies keys to the cruiser.

It feels wrong. EA goes and sucks as much money off gamers with their “exclusives”, DLCs, and packs, effectively kills used games and just when you think they can’t possibly get any more blood… They crack open the stone and start selling the pebbles.

It seems scuzzy, I don’t feel like my time this far was worth all that much when some one could spend enough money and they would have all my same equipment from level one. There is a reason there are low level servers… You get creamed with the added unlocks. So here goes just a little bit more of the sense of sportsmanship from online gaming. If you ever wondered what the best way to effectively kill something is, just sell its parts.

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