Wow, it’s pretty impressive how lame they were able to make this game. If they made it a traditional first person puzzle / battle game that would have been ideal… but they didn’t. Everything is WASD on PC and I’m sure ABYX on XBOX. They turned a promising concept into a lame press the button at the right time, twitchy, too slow? die” lump of blech. I’m very disappointed in this title.

I see a ton of blocky translucent vegitation, medium detail character models – blocky with giant eyes. The dinosaurs look good, until they move… which apparently the running joke is you don’t actually see them through the first part of the game.

This video was recorded at 2560×1600 – YouTube’d at 1920×1080, max settings. It’s meh all around. I’m ashamed they were able to get the franchise.

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