iCEnhancer 3.5 for GTA

I had installed EFLC on the new system trying to eek the most out of the updated configuration. It all looked great, but after playing a lot of BF3 and watching the GTA V trailer it’s looking dated. I wondered why the quality didn’t look quite like I remembered… then I realized I hadn’t installed iCE! There is even an updated version 3.5 that appears quite recent, potentially spurred by the announcement of GTA V. In any case I was ready to give it a go, installed it over my version but it didn’t like it, it crashed right away. I realized the only true way to experience ICE was to go back to – the most modable version.
(that and the ICE RAR has two directories)

So I have now uninstalled EFLC and installed GTAIV – I have my patch handy and I’ll delve out the various tidbits. Some other mods for GTA IV recommended by iCE:


and you can get the whole schpeal here:—enb-graphic-mod-f11005

Though it only downloads a text file which points you here:

But they also have a facebook page:
which is helpful for staying up on the latest updates

I’ll update with some screenshots once I’m in.

Better yet, video!

Before iCE – 2560×1600 Max settings

iCE – same settings plus MAX-OMG-R-U-Insane iceconfig.ini

iCE – same settings plus a tad more reasonable High iceconfig.ini

It still needs some tweaking, doesn’t quite play well enough, but it’s interesting as there are no command line flags for multiple GPUs like there is for EFLC – which may be why I still can’t quite eek the framerate out of the original as I can with EFLC – it might not be using the 2nd card.

** update **
I confirmed it is indeed using the second card – though going to sleep seems to be an issue – I updated to the latest newfangled S5 power saving settings in the BIOS so we’ll see what that does. So far with normal APM my SLi needs to be poked to turn it back on if I restart after attempting to put it to sleep.

I am now geting about 35 to 45 FPS with the High Quality icesettings.ini now, turned Depth of Field (DOF) off (updated .fx file), and motion blur off (press P in game). I still have a small issue with the night time. It’s very realistic, but hardly practical. I never keep my headlights for very long and even with it’s hard to see whats coming. I am trying to mess with the moon size / light / ambient light, or even making the headlights higher intensity to go further would be helpful. Anyone else mess with the lighting for night time playability?

I just installed the Real Cars mod with handling, going to give that a shot now.

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