My initial impression: Looks ok. It seems like another Duke Nukem where the idea and gameplay were ported from their 90s originals, but their roots are showing in these sequels. There is lots of details (papers, coffee mugs, detailed computer screens, interaction with faucets, etc) so far in the first level but I notice a different level of textures between objects, people, and the surroundings which breaks the otherwise immersiveness of the story and camera work.

The “cover” is awful so far, but I think that’s primarily due to defaults conflicting with my mouse configuration but I never seem to be behind the right thing, and you can’t be covered to get a good shot off, unlike Crysis and others which expose you until you let off the fire and you resume your cover again.

Not a ton to say, didn’t make it through the first level yet but it’s time for bed.


After playing for a bit my initial critique has softened. The geral feel of the game is good, and I got the hang of the co er after a bit. You hold the cover button a d e then you capoke your head roud a corner wi left rig or up depending o the cover you are behind. You can press ajup to go around corners and also to do a roll over to sow other cover.

all in all it’s been pretty good thus far, but hard. I had no luck being stealthy in any room or area with multiple enemies but was able to lure them to come to me then pop out of cover long enough to take them out. I have yet to play with any interesting augmentations but I looked through the mod page so I know what’s coming. It appears as the best part of the game hasn’t even been touched yet.

And some screenshots for demonstrative purposes:
Screenshots taken with max settings, DX11, 2560×1600, soft shadows, FXAA – looks like we may need to go traditional anti-aliasing for this title based on the number of jagged lines that remain.

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