My initial impression of the game was that it was way too arcade for my tastes. I saw things blowing up, and a bunch of sliding around the “racetrack”. My first impressions weren’t too far from that.

It’s an arcade racer, there’s no denying that. You can’t really focus very well on driving well when stuff is blowing up all around you. You end up veering left and right and taking your chances with spinning out to avoid the explosions of which will get you… if you’re close enough, so you just try and stay far enough away even if you’re sliding straight into it. You get a slight warning here and there, and you learn the spots that blow up, because as soon as you’ve gained enough “power” from power sliding around, you’re trying to take out the guys in front of you. There’s not much concern for what’s behind, this is a forward looking game. It might be nice to trigger something to have the guys hot on your tail taken out, but it’s good enough to see 1st, 2nd, and 3rd reduced to a fiery heap under a collapsing building.

It’s a lot of fun. It’s different, and it’s all under the guise of a “TV Show” so any violence or explosions are supervised by professionals. Well done, Disney – you can take anything and make it wholesome and kid suitable.

It’s like any game where you’re sliding around, and much like Mario Kart where you can take out opponents, but there are set areas of the track vs holding the power-ups on you. You execute the “power plays” and hopefully catch them. It’s not all about timing, you can do a fair amount of destruction with pure luck, but some trigger faster then others, and you want to make sure there’s enough room between the guy in front of you and that blast you just triggered, though I successfully pull off a trigger and brake to avoid it in this video.

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