I don’t normally delve into politics. I’m more the type to hint at what I believe. I don’t enjoy arguing politics because I don’t know enough. I believe what I believe, and anyone with some well memorized facts can take me in any argument. I just know what I feel. I’m liberal when it comes to modern ideas. I have no problem with anyone loving anyone else. I also have no problem with someone being responsible and making a very hard decision about what to do when they weren’t careful, or even when all the careful in the world just didn’t stop it. I feel some people need help, I also feel there are others that take advantage. It’s a fine line, and you can’t be gullible about it, lest you end up writing a blank check.

So this started because I was reading about Ron Paul on the issues. Based on that one site, there is about 85% of Ron Paul that I agree with. Some of the social issues I could argue for/against – but if he concentrated on the economy and war alone it would be a slam dunk.

It’s so hard because I think he could really fix a lot of our issues with his hard stance on many of my concerns. I worry about his views on abortion and about his inability to recognize gay and lesbian couples as suitable to raise a child. Those are opinions, but as a matter of principal he’s more apt to remove laws, not create new ones to ban other’s rights. It’s possible the abortion topic could come up in his term, but there is a good precedent ahead of him already, and with so much else to do – what are the chances he won’t get time for the social stuff?

I’m so torn, because I believe the government needs to be less, it’s wasteful – congress should be limited, and the same as the working class – no special pension, no special health care. If it’s good enough for the people you’re creating bills for – it’s good enough for you. It is too easy to pass any old law without consequences for yourself, and too easy to be swayed by a fancy lunch and a future campaign contribution. I hope that is the kind of reform Ron Paul could bring.

I believe he actually would bring the troops home. I also believe he can fix this financial mess, get us back on track – without just simply throwing more money at it. Programs will get cut, benefits too. Some may struggle, but there is always a way. I’m starting to feel like we’re always trying to represent for those who can’t represent themselves. We try to bring others up, and it’s noble but not always financially smart. We need to start somewhere, and once it is all said and done we can re-evaluate and reinstate or recreate programs where they’re needed. I don’t necessarily think that they aren’t needed, but I think we need to make some business decisions.

GE shouldn’t get out of paying taxes – on the other hand, maybe we can make it a little less expensive to have workers here, bring some of the workforce back. The manufacturing, the goods, the high quality materials for America, by America. We’ve grown too good for some of these jobs, everyone feels entitled – and those that really do break their backs doing the hard work don’t often get paid enough. I feel like there’s so much that should be done, but it all starts from a level ground, and we’re very very negative right now.

This video makes me feel good – if he sticks to this ticket and stays away from the “sensitive” issues I think he can do our country a great service:

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