Yes, I do love me some FlatOut. I’ve always been a fan of the demolition racer genre and this franchise has been the only hope I’ve had the last few years. It’s great, just smashing racing, you get nitro for busting up opponents and the various things around the tracks, hit something and you’ll probably bounce off it, hit something dead on and you go through the windshield. It’s a great arcade bash-em-up racer. Oh yeah, and they ALWAYS make a PC version… and I’ve purchased, paid money, moolah, the flimflam… wait… no… given money for all of them so far. FlatOut, FlatOut 2, and FlatOut Ultimate Carnage… which (let’s be honest) is a fancied up FlatOut 2. The same levels, similar cars, similar opponents, and some crazy new upgraded textures. The effects are there too, and the control is just as smooth as evar… oh yeah – plus XBOX Live support on PC – something *cough*EA*cough* might want to look into.

Here’s a sample of the gameplay. I may reset my car a lot, so what, it’s arcade – if the game lets me do it, I’m doin it 😀

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