I am annoyed and want to strangle the tax lady because of it.

I go to your chain vs an actual accountant for a reason, you believe everything I say and put it down as such. You don’t need to insinuate that I’m lying because I don’t have a receipt for a tank of gas I got in March of last year. You also don’t need to ask me “you mean you don’t remember?” like I’m a moron because I can’t remember the exact amounts on my 2010 tax schedule for the business. I also don’t appreciate your ruse where you lure me into a false sense of security like I should be claiming more and then act all high and mighty and purist that I need to make sure that I have documentation for all of this. You’re not tricking me into lying and then telling me I can’t do it if I’m lying.

Tax lady, mire ire has been raised. Kafloof.

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  1. serin says:

    So I made many drives back and forth today, but it was a nice day – I otherwise missed out on a day to do stuff outside, but taxes are done. An incredible ordeal, I’ve never worked with a more abrasive non-accountant data entry tax doofus.

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