Good old gamecopyworld – I found this file to unlock Advanced Graphics Options for Crysis 2 – including extreme textures, aha! It was hiding in there all along.

Wow – just took it for a testdrive and I’m amazed. I’m also figuring why they didn’t release this to manufacture as is with the better textures.
Here is my theory:
They based all the collision code on the lower quality (console) textures, so where I have seen no clipping that I can recall (at least in singleplayer) I saw more in this 5 minute round of multiplayer with the increased textures. I also set the MultiGPU flag (I have 2 x EVGA 285 GTX 2G cards in SLi)

Here’s what it looks like:
Crysis 2 Advanced Graphics Options GUI

Here’s the results:

*update 22:31 EST*
Wow, ok so I upped the shaders as well, no problem maintaining 60fps+ at 2560 x 1600 with +2 textures and +2 shaders (0 being RTM Crysis 2). Plus the game is getting amazing at this point. It was great when I was fighting humans, but that was just picking off fish one by one, the aliens seem to have a little better AI, though they still get stuck behind barriers. I’m noticing more clipping but that’s ok, it’s just amazing looking and playing, I think the next tweak I’m making is turning the water quality up to extreme, it’s always looked a little off… I’m also wondering what broken glass looks like now. It previously looked pretty bunk.
[added more pictures to the gallery]
[added video]

oh dear. I captured at full frames (2560 x 1600) that wasn’t good at all… it is a horrible frame rate, I will redo, and eventually remove this unholy crap. I got some amazing game scenes and general ultra gaming win on a lot of what I captured so I’m sad, this is just one small snippet because they’re all so god awful in framerate. I was still getting at least 23fps when I was playing, I saw it on the display. Lesson 2 – always check after the first record or so…

and once I watched the actual video it appears the frame rate is fine, it must be just my system attempting to play video @ 2560 x 1600 uncompressed, which is interesting since it recorded it while I was playing the game without a significant issue. In any case I’ve reuploaded the video in it’s entirety (about 9 minutes worth) which is essentially one long run, minor stop at the beginning to reload and go back to get some ammo, but you get the idea.

*updated 23:00 EST*
[added new video]

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  1. Those look awesome, I have to watch the videos at home though like I said. That clipping is easy enough to deal with as long as it’s not worse later in the game.

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