Digg did away with it’s inline blog publishing, they only support Twitter and Facebook now. Go fig… actually pulling away from the “real” web (in my opinion). I think it’s far too easy to rely on the sites which write your page for you. Short simple posts make it so easy just to type a thought and leave it hanging, never to be fully explored. Facebook won’t even be seen by anyone if they don’t check today, and in some cases within the hour depending on your group of friends.

In any case I’ve adapted this space for music, makes more sense anyhow. I used to have whole sections devoted to the new music I heard, but that was before the full force internets. I’m sure I haven’t heard anything that you haven’t heard. I can make recommendations, but if I’m going to do that, why not put my own little spin on it… and thus – the WijiX Mixes. Enjoy… and I’ll just leave these Digg’s on here until they fall off.

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  1. {As it turns out they still had RSS, so the blog publishing was redundant. Twitter and Facebook still rule the world.}

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