>There’s a “swine flu pandemic” on the news, but the news has been looking for a good widespread disease to report on since mad cow. Bird Flu, Swine Flu… so far 150 cases of people actually dying from it. The (straight up, no frills) flu has killed over 15,000 this year and the swine flu makes the news.

I don’t have the swine flu but I do have some odd type of sickness. I’ve been feverish for days with all the normal feverish stuff. I then take 1 ibuprofen, 200mg, and everything goes away. Normally when I have a bad headache I need several, or any kind of pain or swelling I’m trying to do away with… but this horrible feeling sickness – only 1.

I wake up with something different every day. I’ll struggle through fever sweats, shivers, and shakes one night, and then be in the bathroom for the next. I was feeling ok yesterday but worked from home just in case. No issues other then feeling slightly off which has been this entire week. This morning it was a headache at the base of my skull… and by the time I woke up it went to the top and behind my eyes.

Nicole seems to think it’s dehydration so I keep drinking more and more water. I stop when my stomach starts to rumble. I can’t think… brain too big in my skull, can’t look at the screen… got school work I need to do, I am so far behind.

Jay’s birthday outing is tonight. I had planned to get school work done durring the day, head out – have dinner. Most likely I won’t even make dinner, already opted out of the crazy drink fest to follow. No shape to drink, body wants it’s back.

*update 2:40 PM*
So managed to get the headache taken care of, though it took more then 1 solitary ibuprofen – had a small cup of coffee after a shower and a drive to the bank and things cleared up. I got home ready to do some school work and half the site was down. I could see what I needed to read though, so that I did. Sat outside for a while with the puppy and caught up on some of my reading.

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