>Burnout Paradise for PC

>I just downloaded the largest demo ever: 2.9 gigs, and it turns out that’s because it also has the full game in it. When you go to install it you are presented with 2 buttons: Install Trial or Install Full Game, naturally I chose Install Full Game where it presented me with a spot to put in a registration code from EA. I didn’t have one but I did see that it’s $39 at the EA store so you can download the demo and turn it into the full game.

I thought game companies did away with this sort of thing. Isn’t it a little too tantalizing to have a carrot dangled in front of a hackers face of being able to download the full game right out the box or are they confident that their downloadable game technology is safe?

In either case it’s kinda cool to be able to download the demo, figure out if you like it and then click a button and input a code to get the full thing. Also cool if you know how to crack I suppose. If it’s good I might just consider paying them the $39 though, I like to support good ventures and there’s a shortage of racing games in the PC world that don’t have hokey dialog (now that they’ve turned NFS into a bad 2Fast movie).

[Buy the Game]
[Download the Demo & See Screenshots]

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