Michael Crichton Died Today

I was surprised to hear that Michael Crichton died today.
He’s probably my favorite author, followed closely by Douglas Adams who died just a few years ago. I think I need some new authors, but I’m afraid they might die on me. At the very least there are a still of Michael Crichton’s books that I have not read and remain on my bookshelf. There’s just so much I loved about how he created a picture with his words that my mind just ran off with. I was able to picture them much more vivid then any movie could convey, and in the case of Timeline actors could portray.

I was actually inspired to write my first computer program based on Jurassic Park. With my TI80, a black and white TV, and book in hand – I set out to recreate the computer system in the book. From the main menu and submenus you could do an array of things from jump-starting the generators (to get the fences back online) to recycling the door locks. I also made it into a game by creating different scenarios and error messages based on what you had already done, and with certain dependencies that had to be met before you were allowed to proceed.

I’m really sad to see him go, one of the only people that could get me reading like you hear about – nonstop until it’s done. He touched on cancer quite a bit in his novels and even in ER – which ironically enough even with his money and knowledge, he was still unable to overcome.

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