>Hummina humina – Fallout 3 is fabulous. It’s everything I wanted it to be. It plays similarly to Oblivion with all the awesomeness of Oblivion & Fallout combined.

The combat system is your run of the mill point and shoot… until you activate VATS which stops the action and allows you to choose which body part of which target you want to shoot, with a very RPG % likeliness of hitting each body part.

You can shoot the gun out of their hand – or blow the arm off completely – and to accompany these shots is an awesome (VERY bloody) camera shot in bullet time. Slice their head with a knife, break their leg with the bat, or shoot off their gun hand – it’s great.

Here are some screenshots:

Here is a video montage (sans music?) I made of a few attempts at VATS:

Fallout3 Screenshot 01
Fallout3 Screenshot 02

I was limited to 30 sec with trial version of FRAPs but only took me like 10 takes, so here are the 3 best sequences 🙂
Fallout3 VATS System Preview Video

**UPDATE** I gave in and got the full version of FRAPs and it was TOTALLY worth it, check it out: Video: VATS Killshot

Coming soon – “killing in the name of” soundtrack

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