>GOG.com (Good Old Games) Beta Goes Live!

>GOG.com has gone live, you can purchase Good Old Games for 5.99 or 9.99 depending.Descent 1 & 2 (or 3 & Expansion), Fallout 1, 2, and Tactics, Kingpin, Messiah, and Redneck Rampage – remember that one? I also found this little gem: Castles 2 No more trying to get Win95/Win98 working with your new hardware, or break out the old Pentium II in order to play these old gems – they’re all certified to play on XP and Vista (including x64!). Awesome.

On the Road Again

We’re headed to NY for Nicole’s brother’s wedding – some tandem garbage truck flipped over so traffic has slowed to a crawl. I really just wanted an excuse to use the G1. Typing is odd with the thumbs, I’m used to doing it all with one thumb so getting thumbkin-2 in on the m.ix is a tad faster 😉 We got a late start due to some issues with Merek’s vaccinations. We missed one by 2 days so they were all like no no!! And we were all like “we were just there!” But we got it straightened out, got…

>Google phone – G1 Review – First Glance

>Nicole got her G1 yesterday – the first and foremost “Google phone”It runs android – the open source phone OS developed by Google. At first glance it’s about the side of an iPhone (and that’s the exact demographic this phone is going for) though no where near as sleek. The screen swings out from the base and pops into place when going into landscape mode. The home screen has a clock widget with 4 basic icons at the bottom. It appears you can fill up the whole screen with up to 16 icons, if you didn’t have the clock there.…

>Video Game Movies

>I’ve been loving 2560 x 1600 for all games lately with the latest version of nVidia drivers and now I took some video. First one is 25fps, other 2 are 60 fps but I belive Windows Movie Maker does 15fps for WMV 720p. They were originally recorded at 2560 x 1600 but the compression doesn’t really do it justice. In any case, have fun viewing:

Review: Knight Rider GPS Directs You in K.I.T.T.’s Voice

It’s been a rough couple of decades for Knight Rider fans. In 1982 the show’s co-star, an AI-enhanced Trans AM named KITT, stole our nerdy hearts. Seven years after the series ended, everyone’s favorite talking car started a downward spiral…by moonlighting as a high school teacher. And don’t even get us started on the stinking zombie resurrection read more | digg story

The Future Is Back: A Tour of the New DeLorean HQ

Owners of the ultimate geek car, the DeLorean, are no strangers to modifying their McFly rides, including hovercraft and electric conversions of the iconic silver-skinned sports car. Now, thanks to the new DeLorean Motor Company, buyers of new DeLoreans and owners of the classic ones can outfit them with everything but a Mr. Fusion. read more | digg story

>PhysX Fun

>nVidia has finally gotten around to upgrading their cards with PhysX. They bought Agea a while ago, and it’s been a long time coming. Any nVidia card that is an 8 series or above is able to be upgraded, which means no separate PhysX process is required, the firmware update uses the GPU to do all the cachunking of the (previously) dedicated physics chip. This means towers that can be taken down, realistic wall destroying, and many other items only possible with a physics engine. Just like GPUs advanced the graphics, Physics processing will advance the gameplay and realworld feeling…