The latest FCC panel member has said Sirius needs to reserve 25% for “minority” programming for his approval. Why does it have to be minority? Why not public access?? I’d say none out of principal, but it’s an easy fix that they can leverage and it won’t be too much of an impact. It shouldn’t be anywhere near 25% either – CTV has 2 channels, DTV has none. It is the same thing, it’s a pay service! OH, and here’s where the millions spent by the NAB come in: they want to add HD radio compatibility of the radio as an additional requirement! Way to try and sneak that one through, I can only HOPE the rest of them have more sense then that (or can’t be bought so easily), this is just despicable. NAB doesn’t technically need to even get people to listen, they just need a consumer base to tell their advertisers about so they can ask for more money. You did not lose because of the quality, you lost because your model is old, outdated. People realize that they’re willing to pay for media, but long term it’s only going to go down in price.

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  1. {Fast Forward to 4/22/2011 – they consolidated, they eliminated duplication, they tried both XM and Sirus versions of the stations to see which people liked best, they offered 6 stations of XM to Sirius and Howard Stern to XM for a relatively exorbant cost. They tout “a la carte” but really it’s just music, and more for $1 and an extra $6 for Stern. My arguments seem so foolish in hindsight. All they did was save money, the consumer got nothing. I still have the stock, it’s creeping back up to $2 but it needs to go above $4 for it to mean anything to me.}

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