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I went back today and found some previous 3DMark06 Scores since I was finally able to get my 3DMark06 up and running. I still had my old VISTA x64 install on my extra HD (haven’t needed to reformat it for space yet) so I installed everything (didn’t work) and then copied over all the OpenAL32.dll to both system32 and syswow64 directories. I removed 3DMark06 and reinstalled from my Crosshair driver CD (w/ professsional SN) but when I went to submit it said a newer version was available. The patch wouldn’t install (said 3DMark06 wasn’t installed???) so I just copied the 3DMark folder over as well.

All in all I got it to work, but I’m thinking I need to turn the Cancel or Allow back on, this shit didn’t happen when I had it ask me to do everything. I still haven’t reinstalled SP1. I’ll certainly make sure everything’s working proper before I do it, but it’s ineveitable…. inevietiiable… invevieitiaitiablale!

So it’s running and I got a 10,333 base v1.0 – so here are some past 3Dmark scores nVidia 7800 – December 16th, 2006
Asylum GeForce FX 5900 w/ 128mb RAM

I found these doing a picosearch, still works… just re-indexed – give it a try

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